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Credit unions are unique … and, in today’s credit union, it is not enough to know how to price products and services. Everyone, including directors, managers, and staff, needs to understand why credit unions are in the business they are in. When our staff and volunteers understand and are comfortable speaking about this, we will thrive.


Credit unions are relative “newcomers” to the social and economic scene. As an idea, they have only been around since the mid-1880s, and the first U.S. credit union didn’t open its doors until 1909. But what a brilliant idea it was … and still is! Cooperative credit filled a real need in a new way. Credit unions could provide access to affordable, short-term credit for members of the working class, small farmers, or tradesmen in a community. And, because the very people who directly benefited had an ownership stake in the financial organization, they were careful to shepherd their investment (and pay back their loans).

Once the idea was planted, it was clear that credit unions — and the benefits they offer — were here to stay.


As someone who is involved with a credit union, it should come as no surprise that credit unions aren’t like any other financial institution. This difference is the reason we exist and why we’re tax-exempt.

You may have heard it before, but it bears repeating: The Credit Union Difference Is In The Structure. 

So, credit unions actually differ from other financial difference in these primary ways …

  1. We’re Not-For-Profit
  2. We’ve Got a Unique Ownership Structure
  3. Our Governance Model is Unusual
  4. We have Membership Eligibility or Requirements
  5. We Promote Financial Education
  6. We Serve a Social Purpose
  7. Credit Union Cooperative Principles


Credit Unions like Riegelwood Credit Union are here to help. Here are a few reasons why you should care about credit unions… 

  • As not-for-profit cooperatives where “people are worth more than money,” credit unions answer to their member-owners, not stockholders, and — as a result — credit unions consider it important to do more than just make a buck. This allows credit unions to give their members the most benefits possible, share their members’ values, and be real part of their community.
  • Credit unions offer people an alternative source of services for their financial needs. Their presence in the market helps keeps a lid on the for-profit financial service providers, forcing them to offer competitive rates and fees.
  • Many people in banking circles say “credit unions look like banks, sounds like banks, and offer the same services as banks, ergo they must be banks and should be taxed and regulated in the same way as a bank.” We know that’s not true, but to counter it effectively, you must understand the differences between your credit union and other financial institutions.

Credit Ideas

Credit UnionInvesting

Most of the people nowadays opt for credit from different credit lending institutions, lenders etc. to fund their credit needs and requirements. People usually from the middle-class income group opt for credit loans to fund their requirements and as well as present needs, the reason being that the people of the middle income group usually can’t afford to spend a lot of money together. Thus, they opt for credit loans and thereby satisfy their present needs. However, with the advent of time the availability of credit in the market too has seen a recent rise along with the demand of credit in the market.

There are a lot of ways available in the market, as to how an individual can raise credit for his individual purpose. People can raise credit from the market to meet up their present demands; they can raise credit to meet the demand of their collectors; they can raise credit for any reason that they want from the market, depending upon the situation and demand of funds by the borrower. The main problem however, arises when the borrowers are refused credit in the market by the lenders. The reason can be anything. Maybe because the person has never taken any credit at all, or because he or she has a bad credit history, so he or she will be refused to be given any credit. That’s why it is said that if any person does not have any credit history and wants to build credit, then he or she should have all the priorities in order, or he may not be able to build any credit.

In case the borrower has no credit and needs money to make out or sort out any payments then he can do so from his credit cards, if it has the facility of bad credit. In this, if any person has to make out any payment and has no cash available with him, and then he can make the payment from his credit card. This avails him with time. The person can then make the payment in monthly installments, to the credit service providers. However, if the person does not clear his due in due time, then it avails him the luxury of bad credit, which can lead to refusal of credit in time to come.

Does this sound like you? Maybe we can help. Visit Riegelwood Credit Union to learn how the right credit union can protect you and your money.

Most of the people prepare or repair their own credit. They usually go to libraries and exchange documents and articles to find out the required information that the individual will have to part with, while trying to build his credit. People can otherwise obtain printed formats and systematic tools with the help of which, he or she can frame a letter to send to the lender asking for credit. Letters are usually considered more legal as they can be used for further reference and can also make use in the legal workings.

People should clear their dues, and thereby give no reason to the lenders to refuse their credit.

0% Credit Cards Here To Stay?

Credit UnionInvesting

Interest free credit cards have always been a dream for everybody but we all know that it’s not going to happen don’t we.

But recently there has been a mini war going on between many of the large card issuers as they fight and scrap for any willing customers that are looking to apply for credit cards. With special introductory offers on the go including interest free periods that are ranging from 6 to 9 months, on balance transfers and purchases, our dream of interest free credit cards has become a reality, if only for a short time.

Basically all credit cards are interest free as long as they are paid in full at the end of the month and are paid on time, but as you probably know this is not always possible, so your card starts to incur the APR that is set on the credit card, that are usually in the region of 15% on most cards, though finding a credit card with a smaller APR is not impossible, because if you are willing to search for them, then an APR of 9% or lower can be found.

This has led to many credit card holders turning into “Rate Tarts” a term that is used to describe people who are using the special 0% deals that are being offered by card issuers, to balance transfer the cash that they owe to a card, to one that has a 0% deal attached to it and cuts out the interest payments on their existing cards, this though has to be well worked out so that you don’t lose sight of what and where you have transferred your balances too. This can also play havoc with your credit rating, which is worked out on how many loans and cards that you have applied for at any one time, so be careful.

With the competition in a battle for our business, now is the time to play the game and try and get that little bit more from your credit card, though if you take up the offer of the 0% interest deal that you have before you, make sure that the card you are about to take doesn’t have a higher interest rate, than the one you have already, if this is so and you can’t pay off the balance by the end of the introductory 0% period, then staying with your original card might be a better option, just make sure it’s the right card for you.

Still a little confused? Maybe we can help. A credit union can protect you from making the wrong choices with your money. Check out Riegelwood Credit Union to learn more.



Short term loans


They are two individuals unexpected expenses come to help you get a check in early on a weekly or bi-monthly payday loans because many people are curious about.


Interest rates, credit received, and at the same time, depending on where an individual’s credit, can vary greatly.

What many people do not realize is that they get absolutely no charge for the first payday loan.


There are a few requirements for payday loans that are free of charge, but if you take care of the individual only options we offer one of the previous expectations.


Advertisements anywhere have free payday loans when they need to check their wonderful ability to borrow money for absolutely no cost. It is very important to pay back the loan as soon as possible, so the amount of debt interest charges by 30 percent, and sometimes can be a bit high. Free to get approved for a payday loan, the person must be free of all interest rates, and they need to get paid faster. Getting approved for one of these loans is relatively easy to process and can take just 10 minutes from start to finish. Payday loans to a bank account active for at least 3 months with a single large measure to get the money to help cover the cost of the problem.

One unexpectedly without a permit, subject to change only a few hundred dollars up to $ 1500 payday loan in order to be approved.


Some of the other people need to be at least 18 years of age and at least there should be a job to earn $ 1000 per month. Free advertising for loans up to a person to keep an eye out for when you need to find a source of cash will help you to achieve an improvement. Fulfill the different requirements of an individual without spending a lot on interest rates will allow you to get the money they need.

One of the problems is simply controlled by the different companies that will help you find a place that offers free loans.



No credit check payday loans you were looking for? If you are, it’s probably because you have non-performing loans AOS. This may be through no fault of their own. Many people who previously had excellent credit have found themselves struggling in these difficult financial times. Are you one of them? You are a Loan Because financial turmoil occurred alone.


What Do not you know that when you need it, slow bank lending.


With a credit rating of 700 or 800 range means that even people who are having problems.

What do people with low credit scores need to do more? This is actually easier than you think AOS.


Loan.Payday can request a payday loan is quick and painless.

And they are trying to get a loan from a bank or credit union is much more convenient.


Why not? Because all can be done online. You read that right. Wait for an answer, and then send them all the necessary forms, fill online. Sometimes you can give an answer the same day! We ask for a loan. You may be able to have money in your bank account the same day. It’s with no credit check. These small amounts of unsecured loans. We won, AOT to run a credit check on you. In fact, it can help restore your bad credit loans. Just when you pay them back and credit improves.We Financial EmergenciesOur company because we understand that financial emergencies can watch it and understand these loans become available. How do we get someone behind their rent or mortgage payment, and I know how scary it could be that fast. There is too much trouble to sleep at night, or you may become anxious to find your loved ones to be more nervous. This is not, AOT is the way to go. What you need is a repair tool to facilitate financial worries.Is What is a cash advance? Does your home need a new coat of paint? Maybe you need to spruce things up to get a good price. A buyer’s market, so your home is more attractive.Same Day ApprovalCan a bank give you the same day the check is probably best to do? No, they can not.

But we are.


If you can supply us with all the information you need, we may be able to fund your checking account today. Make any other financial institution.

We can do it without a credit check.

Debt Living has a family to live with debt and, in particular, can be very difficult. Living debt-free cash advance loans is simple and has to do with the key.


If you have bills piling up right now, you probably are familiar with the late fees and charges sent companies generally.


These fees can really become a burden, and fail to pay their bills on time because you could wind up losing your home services. In the end, you and your family food, water, remain without electricity or gas. To begin your financial life.Cash Advance Loan InformationTo absolutely no place to turn when you feel like you might want to take advantage of cash advance and how can I find out what it is. Because there are no credit checks cash advance loans are included in the superior varieties of the bank. You just need to show proof of employment and receive a regular salary. From there, you get your money approved within a few hours. Then the next time you fully repay the loan should you get paid by the employer. In most cases, cash advance loan cash AdvanceUnlike it most.Benefits most other loans is a great way to get money quickly when needed, most people get approved for a cash advance. This is even bad credit, no credit checks, have done so because there is still a good chance that you can get the money you need. You can get cash to pay bills and other household expenses will be able to afford it. When the bills come in late or unexpected household expenses For most people, payday loans are used in emergency situations.

In many cases, you need a cash advance loan over the other there.


Our Company We are applying for a loan is preferable to make it easy to get and pretty easy to see why.

We immediately need the money and will do our best to understand your bank account directly to the wire.


If you remove the money to repay the loan immediately from time to time. It’s just taking the money and the means to do the rest for you.



Wanna be a millionaire?

Financescreditcredit unionfinances

Types of Investments

Investments, as you might expect, come in all different shapes and sizes just like people.

When choosing an investment it is important to understand how it differs from the others and whether it suits your own personal financial situation.

Income vs. Capital Growth

Did you know that investments can earn you money in two different ways?

  1. By growing in value and selling for more than you paid – this is called “Capital Growth”
  2. Earning you income in the form of interest, rent or dividends during the time you own them

Some investments will earn you more money in capital (but you won’t get any of it until you sell), while others are focused on bringing in the income on a regular basis (but may not sell for more than you paid).

Short Term vs. Long Term

Investment and impatience do not really go together very well. Unfortunately many of us tend to be impatient, and that’s how people get scammed in “get rich quick” schemes.

Basically, the longer you’re prepared to own your investment, the more money it will earn – and we’re talking years here. There are some shorter-term investments, but they don’t earn as much. SO it’s often a case of getting less sooner (short-term investment), or hanging out for more later (long-term investment) – it’s your call!

Risk vs. Return

Investment can be risky – and some investments are riskier than others. This means you could sink your savings into an asset, believing that it will grow in value, only to have it depreciate, and you lose money.

Normally this loss of value is not something you can control – it is caused by events in the economy and around the world. For instance, after the September 11 attacks in the USA the price of shares all around the world took a dive. People everywhere had shares that suddenly were worth much less, and nobody could have predicted it.

At this point you have to decide whether to sell your asset and take what you can, or hold on until prices rise again.

As fate would have it, high-risk investments generally earn more, while the safer ones bring returns at a lesser rate. So big risk can mean big return, or potentially big loss. Lower risk investments are more of a sure thing but you won’t make squillions overnight.

To complicate matters, we all feel comfortable with different levels of risk… Some of us play it safe while others are happy to live on the edge.

Now we know what to look for, let’s see what cash investments have to offer.

If you want to Invest Through a Credit Union, you can’t go wrong with Riegelwood Credit Union.


Getting to Yes with Passive Candidates

Employmentemploymenthrhr serviceshuman resourcesjob search

In a tight labor market, it will become increasingly important to sell passive candidates on how moving to your company will benefit their career and lifestyle. And your company will need to seek out the superstars in your field in order to stay one step ahead of the competition. Finding these high-performers is your first challenge, as they are productively executing at their jobs, not looking for a new one. Doing your research about the candidates, their current employer, and any other factors will go a long way in helping you put together your sales pitch to them. Here are some steps to help you along your way:


Know your competition Find out who else is hiring for similar positions as yours. How do they describe their work environment, benefits, employee wellness programs, etc?


Target your list – Start off with 20 names, not 200, of candidates you feel would be suitable for your position based on their profile. You can narrow your search based on a number of criteria including geography, experience, education or number of years candidates have been in their current position.


Research candidates in advance – It is a great way to connect with them when talking over the phone. Even though you should always ask for a brief resume and list of accomplishments over the phone before telling them more about the job, knowing additional information about their background will help you come across in a professional manner.


Reach out effectively – Find e-mail and telephone numbers so you can choose how you wish to initially contact passive candidates. Some recruiters feel a cold call works best, and some prefer to warm up the call with an initial email. Either way, be sure to follow up on your initial contact. This will let candidates know you are serious about them and about filling the position which may cause them to give it more thought.


‘No’ may be a hidden ‘YES’ – Many times, passive candidates’ first inclination will be to say ‘no’ to an interview or job offer. Don’t focus on the actual word ‘no’ but on the way they say ‘no’. Perhaps this is a busy time at work for them and they are so focused on getting their job done so they don’t have the time to really hear your pitch. While you cannot always tell when these times occur, you can get a general idea through online research. If they are persistent at saying ‘no’ do ask if they know anyone else who may be interested in the opportunity. Superstar performers know other superstars.


Keep up with industry trends – company revenue, bad publicity, extreme weather conditions can all help you turn a ‘no’ into a ‘yes’. Observe and take advice from big hr companies, like Solvo Global, to analyze what they’re doing differently. Using the information you gathered, you can learn more about how a company is performing, when layoffs occur, when CEOs retire, or when mass amounts of people are leaving a company due to a recent weather catastrophe, management change or industry downturn. These are great times to recruit. Take advantage of them.


Metrics – Recruiting passive candidates requires recruiters to create a set of metrics that can be used time and time again to measure the effectiveness of their email campaigns, cold calls, and sales pitches. Check the reports on the success of your email campaigns but you also must gauge the number of cold calls you make, the number of responses you receive, the number of job acceptances, and the number of quality referrals you receive to see how successful your tactics are. Adjust as necessary in order to bring innovative, top-performers into your company.


It is important to realize that you are asking a lot from passive candidates. Most are too busy performing well to think about making changes in their careers. But with a solid sales pitch, you can convince candidates to consider a change and come in for an interview. Good luck!


Help them get back on track


Treat staff turned down for promotion with indifference and you can risk leaving them feeling vulnerable and unmotivated, as if their career options are irreversibly closing in on them.

According to reliable human resources companies, such as Solvo Global, says that too few companies take sufficient steps to repair fragile egos and the derailed career expectations of unsuccessful applicants.

“Companies that don’t successfully manage this process not only risk losing key talent,” says consultant Jan Alley, “They may also send negative signals to other staff.”

Alley believes unsuccessful applicants should always weigh up their promotion chances in advance, and if they missed out, find out why.

But she says staff shouldn’t have unrealistic promotion expectations if sound HR management practices – including regular performance reviews – are firmly adhered to.

“People are a lot more mature at handling their emotions within a corporate environment these days. Instead of wearing disappointment on their sleeve, they’re likely to close down in a much more subtle way, and the performance impact can be significant.”

To avoid that happening, Air New Zealand, like most large employers, runs de-briefings with staff who have applied for and missed out on internal promotion. The airline’s senior vice-president HR, Carolyn Tremain, says follow-up is critical where promotion into senior positions is capped due to flat management structures.

“With jobs at the senior ranks only coming up every two to three years, being turned down for promotion can send a strong message to staff about their real value to the organisation,” says Tremain.

“That’s why it’s important to deal with the anger and disappointment often associated with that experience through ongoing training and mentoring.”

From Tremain’s experience, management is more likely to promote a person displaying an x-factor, like leadership or strong people skills, when they are having difficulty distinguishing between technical competencies. In fact, she says, in most senior roles, leadership skills are the clincher for getting the final job.

So with the behavioural stuff deciding so many senior promotions these days, she says executives who miss out can find themselves at a crossroads: Do they take being overlooked on the chin, or seek the promotion they’re after elsewhere? She says it’s not unusual in these situations for the airline to offer counselling, in conjunction with ongoing mentoring, to take the employee on a journey of self-discovery.

The decision whether to go or stay can become more sensitive when senior people dip out on promotion over personality or behavioural characteristics, says Tremain. “In many cases, we’ll try to offset the disappointment by changing the scope or context of an executive’s job brief. External training, together with lateral promotion, often through cross-company projects are also a useful way boost an executive’s skills in new areas.”

But Glen Petersen, the HR director of dairy giant Fonterra, says there will invariably be times where it’s prudent for an executive who makes an unsuccessful bid for the top job to leave. For example, when the entire company fell in behind Geoff Dixon as the new king at Qantas following the exit of former CEO James Strong, it made sense for the other CEO aspirant, joint deputy Gary Toomey, to make a hasty exit.

Where appropriate, Fonterra offers professional counselling to help executives work through possible career paths after promotion hopes are dashed. Petersen says what the company needs to find out – and quickly – is simple: What if anything, would make a significant impact within an existing role to compensate for lack of promotion?

“It’s important not to leave the executive at a status quo after the event. The company must find ways to enrich their existing role,” he says.

Companies that invest sufficient time in succession planning, argues Petersen, should be able to promote frustrated executives into more suitable roles as they open up. If they can’t, he says, management shouldn’t be surprised if executives fast-track themselves out of the company.

But instead of leaving in disgust, Sydney-based psychologist David Brown believes being passed up for internal promotion or even being demoted can be a good time for re-appraisal. “I don’t think there’s ever a point in walking out with indignation written in your step – being overlooked can be a good wake-up call,” says Brown. “Most of us are in no position to go around issuing threats. It might be the right time to leave anyway. Some kind of debriefing is a good way to find out what areas you need to work on.”

Hard as it might be to swallow at the time, he says “taking your lumps” by accepting demotion can also pay off. He cites an interesting example: When a senior manager’s job was made redundant following restructuring, the company offered the executive a position he’d previously held on the factory floor.

“Others who had been made similar offers were offended, and told the company to go jump. This man didn’t. He accepted the demotion with good grace, and did a good job as a supervisor again,” says Brown.

Some 18 months later, a new management position became available. He was the logical choice – and had proved his character.

As the choice of who to promote is often regarded as unfair and often highly political, Brown, like Alley, says employers can placate a lot of potential animosity by volunteering honest feedback on performance. He says it’s important to explain why a promotion went elsewhere, especially if it went to someone outside the firm.

“As long as employers provide feedback and the opportunity to develop, staff are usually more willing to accept that they’re still valuable to the organisation,” says Paul Walsh group HR manager with Sky City.

Once the competence review process is in place at Sky City, he says, staff will have no illusions about their short-comings before applying for promotion.

Valentine Ideas

romantic giftsromantic giftsvalentine's day

Are you desperately searching for valentine gift ideas? This year you have promised yourself to get a very special valentine day gift for your loved one but you don’t know where to start and are at a loss what she would really like.

You want to get her something that is romantic and also expresses your feelings for her. Many gifts such as jewelry, flowers, candy and lingerie are the usual popular choices but they don’t really stand out and none of these are exactly a unique Valentine’s Day gift. How then do you hope to impress her?

Get a gift that your girlfriend truly likes

The important thing to remember is, if you can personalize the gift in some way and tailor it to what she likes and enjoys, then it will be impressive no matter how popular or usual. You want to choose a gift that shows that you were thinking of her when you chose it. Nothing impresses a romantic partner as much as knowing that you have come to know her so well that you are aware of her likes and dislikes, her personality, her quirks and her eccentricities. Any gift, no matter how simple or inexpensive, becomes unique and special once you choose and modify it to your loved one’s tastes.

Gift ideas on Valentine’s Day

There are many choices available. You can start by exploring how you could make your Valentine dinner more special. Candle-light will certainly be more romantic and create the right mood. How about enhancing that even more by booking somewhere with, say, some music so that you can do some smoochy dances too? Of course, make sure, you choose a cuisine she likes.

If your girlfriend’s not into dancing and music then how about a dinner and a movie, ensuring of course that you choose a film she will enjoy. No point in choosing an all action thriller if she’d much rather have a romantic movie or vice versa.

Another idea, many young women are into sports nowadays. Would your girlfriend, fiancée or wife enjoy attending a sporting event? Unusual and unique, but if she’s into some sport then it will certainly make it a unique Valentine gift.

Is your loved one an intellectual? How about visiting a special exhibition or a museum followed by, say a picnic in a nearby park, or a dinner in a restaurant, again choosing the kind of food she would love.

Another unique Valentine’s Day gift idea is to create a little pictorial journal or diary of your relationship, from the time you met. Looking at pictures of your evolving relationship over time will certainly add a warm glow to the day. You can make it like a scrapbook and decorate it with memorable things and wordings.

If all else fails then you need to go jewelry shopping but not just any ordinary jewelry. You need to find something that you can personalize with an engraving or inscription. How about a heart pendant with both your names in it or better still pictures of you both in it? The pictures or the inscription is what will make gifts unique and endear you to her.

If you still haven’t decided, visit Always On My Heart for more great romantic gift ideas.

Hope the above article has given you some useful tips and hope that she will cherish for many years whatever you choose.

#trusthewhy book 2014

Book ProjectPersonal Brandingbook project

trustthewhy book project


Fundamentals and Values Get You Through Any Cycle

A Blog to Book Project

I have always thought of myself as a “spiritual entrepreneur” and a spiritual person.

What does that means to me?

“You can’t keep it unless you give it away”. Serving and helping people, being optimistic, authentic and building mutually respectful relationships as the foundation for  thriving in the “connectivity economy and culture” is required more than ever today.

I wanted to re-purpose some of my featured blog content created over the past three years into a book, and also feature some of the smart, authentic blog thought leaders I have met and come to admire along the way.

People ask me why they need to do certain things, especially that they don’t want to do, but still get results. We all have resisted change, but you can’t get the results without the foundation and tools.

My answer to them became the very intriguing idea and thought for this book,  #trusthewhy- Fundamentals and Values Get You Through Any Cycle.

I registered the #trusthewhy hashtag, put it on my blog header and am organizing the book content around this tried and true formula, that no matter what is going on in our business world and personal life, fundamentals and values guide and propel us through our process.

It’s a helpful resource for people doubting their sense of purpose and those needing direction. Every article has it’s own #hashtag and  includes content and personal values that are the foundation for accepting change, sustaining business success and making relevance a priority regardless what’s happening around us.

From willingness, integrity, creativity and social media to LinkedIn, blogging, sales, referrals and kindness, it always goes back to professional  fundamentals and personal values that get us through any business and life cycle.

Here are some the colleagues I featured in my book.

Dan Schawbel-Author, Forbes Columnist, Career Futurist

Tory Johnson-Author, GMA Contributor, Entrepreneur

Anita Campbell-Blogger and Founder

Melinda Emerson-Author, Huff Post Columnist, SmallBizlady

JT O Donnell-Founder, LinkedIn Influencer

Ramon Ray-Technology Evangelist, Founder

Joe Pulizzi-Content Evangelist, Founder Content Marketing Institute

Mark Anderson-Andertoon’s Small Business Cartoons

Liz Lynch-Author Smart Networking, Founder of Center For Networking Excellence

Brian Moran-Small Business and Entrepreneur Consultant at

Charlie Caldwell-Internet and Digital Marketing Expert, Founder ISG-Internet Services Group

The Beginning Of A New Era of Relevance

Personal Brandingbrandingcareer transitionchangeleadershipmanagementrelevancesuccess

My colleague and friend Brian Solis just published an article that is a stunning confirmation of what we have all been seeing, experiencing and living, regarding the end of business as we have known it, or business as usual. Business as usual is now an ongoing, changing and fluid happening and daily occurrence and experience. The best practice and attitude is to enthusiastically embrace it as our new reality and relevance.

When I wrote my book, Career Transition-make the shift in 2010, I simply wanted to tell my story, but instead, I saw a clear trend emerge that is now our new career norm.

Career Transition is no longer a periodic happening or occurrence, it is a way of life.

Solis suggests we live in the moment and try to connect what he wrote to what you are going through today. Although he wrote the book in 1964, his words still resonate with us today. It is true,big changes are happening. And although we can only read about the 60s, he is telling us we not only have the choice to do what we want to do, but to accomplish incredibly amazing.

Change is scary, overwhelming and can be ill timed. We sometimes don’t want to change. We cannot control change or the pace of it, but we can decide to use it, value it and leverage it to be happy, useful and as he says “do something amazing”.

We are all in this together.

He offers us The 10 Steps to New Relevance.

Brilliant, radical and necessary.

No need to be afraid of it. Give yourself over to it and let it lead you to wonderful new places!” Even though it is the end of business as usual, it is the beginning of a new age of opportunity.