Dressing professionaly and avoiding fashion faux pas

We have all done it, flipped through that fashion magazine while waiting at the doctor’s office and admired that barely-twentyish thin model in that trendy outfit and tried to emulate the style. But many experts are saying that some of the fashion and styles we choose for ourselves may not always accentuate our positive features or be right for us. Some trendy fashions can even be unhealthy to wear. Take those skinny jeans that are so popular right now, sure we have all tried to slink into a pair or two. But for most women who suffer from belly bloating they may not be the most attractive to wear or healthy for that matter. Some experts say squeezing into too tight clothing can add more problems for an already sensitive or irritable digestive tract. There are many tips for reducing tummy bloating, one is to eat more sensibly, daily exercise and avoiding stress. Simple whole foods such as a baked potato is much easier to digest than a processed potato chip. The rule of thumb is if a food can last a while on a shelf then it can also take a while to digest. Be careful to choose clothing that is not just fashionable and attractive but comfortable. There are many jeans on the market today designed for all types of proportions, choose one that looks and feels good too.

It doesn’t have to hurt to look good

Not just the clothing we wear but how about those accessories? Sure those big dangling earrings look great with that new blouse but what about the damage they are doing to your ear lobes. Heavy large baubles tend to enlarge the pierced whole and can even tear the ear lobe. Buy smaller lightweight earrings to wear and always remember to remove them before going to bed. Then there’s that other fashion we women just love to shop for, of course shoes; we can never have too many. They may look really great on that mannequin in the store window but are they really practical to wear? Stilettos and those great five-inch heels that make us look taller and thinner are really an attention getter but let’s face it, can you really walk a mile in them? I know I couldn’t walk ten feet. Shoes that hurt or are uncomfortable can also cause irreversible damage to one’s feet. Best to stick to a fashionable and practical low heel shoe with a comfortable insole, especially if it’s a night of dancing we have on our mind! After all, “girls just wanna have fun” and it’s kind of hard to do when you may look good but are just cringing inside. We all know we feel our best when we look good and we feel good when we know we are looking our best. The simplest and easiest tip of all to look appealing and get attention is free and only takes a second to put on, it’s called a smile and fortunately we all have one!


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