Favorite Types of Twitter Users

We  “love our Twitter” for many reasons.

I have been able to meet so many amazing people and have made so many actionable connections and relationships on Twitter. The biggest learning curve about the social media’s are the etiquette and protocol and respecting how everyone chooses to use them. It can be quite overwhelming.

Some people have described social networking as being at a “huge party”, where you work the room to make some warm connections. I like that. For me, it reminds me of when I was a kid at the park. Like a  “playground” with a lot of kids, where you have to show up regularly to get to know other kids who will, hopefully pick you to play with! You get picked because your fun, good at something, or part of a group.

The thing that makes life and social media so interesting is how many different types of people there are and how we can choose our approach to who we want to friend or follow.

So, here are my five favorite types of Twitter users..

1) The Tweet-heart-motivates and inspires me
2) “The Tweet-osopher-gets me to think
3) “The Tweet-dian-offbeat sense of humor that makes me laugh out loud
4) “The  Real Deal Online Marketer”–who cares first and sells me later
5) “The Re-Tweeter”–who really cares about what you are doing

Here is a really great post from JD Rucker from Soshable.com, that I know you will enjoy and relate to. The 15 Most Annoying Types of Twitter Users. We see them daily. The great news is I don’t have to friend or follow them, but can wish them well!

What are your favorite types of Twitter users? Do share!!