Personal branding: Casual Fashion Personality

Characteristics of the Casual Fashion Personality:

Casual describes your style perfectly. You prefer jeans and T-shirts, sweats, and pants. Your favorite shoes are sneakers and flip-flops. Comfort is important to you and often trumps style. Your casual fashion style seems appropriate for a casual lifestyle. Since you’re not planning on appearing on the red carpet anytime soon, you don’t worry too much about high fashion. You tend to carry the same handbag for a long time, and you don’t wear a ton of jewelry.

The Casual Fashion Personality’s Closet:

A peek in your closet reveals lots of T-shirts, sweatshirts, jeans, and pants. You like stretch fabrics and elastic waistbands because of the comfort factor, but you don’t own any shapewear.


There may not be any dresses or skirts at all in your wardrobe. If you do own some, you seldom wear them. Your shoes reflect your casual style also–sneakers, slip-ons, flip-flops, flat sandals–anything for comfort. You don’t like high heels, both because you find them uncomfortable and because they don’t really go with your casual wardrobe, in your opinion. The idea of wearing a stiletto with jeans is foreign to you.

The Casual Fashion Personality at Work and Play:

Although you may think of your work clothes as business/casual, your look is usually more on the “casual” side than the “business” side. You’re likely to be too casual in your attire for most workplaces, and your colleagues may be getting tired of seeing you in the same comfortable pants all the time.


Your wardrobe works much better for you at play than at work. You’ll never be the person who hangs back from participating in a spur-of-the-moment game at the park, a hug from a grubby child, or doggy kisses from a furry friend because you’re not dressed appropriately for the fun.

Shopping and the Trendy Fashion Personality:

Compared to other fashion personality types, you don’t spend a lot of time shopping, and so you don’t spend a lot of money on fashion. You have other interests, but when you shop for clothing, you’re sometimes confused by the choices available, so you tend to go for the old familiar standbys, such as t-shirts. Although you are able to find some clothing in the petites department at major department stores, you usually buy jeans and t-shirts elsewhere.


Top retailers to shop for casual clothing:

  • Gap
  • Lands’ End


Top retailer for bargains on casual clothing:

  • Old Navy

Tweaking the Style of the Casual Fashion Personality:

Although your casual style serves you well for casual occasions, it’s not working so well for the workplace. You might gain more respect at work by stepping it up a notch with a few tailored jackets and pants as well as some A-line skirts so that you’ll be more appropriately dressed.


For occasions, such as dining out, consider wearing a dress, rather than jeans, and try out some different shoes. Perhaps a slingback sandal or a slide with a kitten heel. You don’t have to go from sneakers to stilettos, but an upgrade on your shoe wardrobe will definitely give you a fashion lift as well as a real lift.

Special Note for the Petite Casual Fashion Personality:

You’re hiding your feminine shape with clothes that are loose-fitting. When you wear baggy clothes, which would make anybody look bigger, the effect is magnified because of your short stature. To look longer and leaner in your clothes, try updating your wardrobe with some fashionable tops with shapely cuts, rather than wearing t-shirts and sweatshirts most of the time. Then take the time to shop for jeans that flatter your petite body. Look for dark-wash jeans with straight legs and take advantage of jeans’ technology, such as tummy-trimming panels. Try wearing sleek pumps with at least a low heel for work.


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