The Beginning Of A New Era of Relevance

My colleague and friend Brian Solis just published an article that is a stunning confirmation of what we have all been seeing, experiencing and living, regarding the end of business as we have known it, or business as usual. Business as usual is now an ongoing, changing and fluid happening and daily occurrence and experience. The best practice and attitude is to enthusiastically embrace it as our new reality and relevance.

When I wrote my book, Career Transition-make the shift in 2010, I simply wanted to tell my story, but instead, I saw a clear trend emerge that is now our new career norm.

Career Transition is no longer a periodic happening or occurrence, it is a way of life.

Solis suggests we live in the moment and try to connect what he wrote to what you are going through today. Although he wrote the book in 1964, his words still resonate with us today. It is true,big changes are happening. And although we can only read about the 60s, he is telling us we not only have the choice to do what we want to do, but to accomplish incredibly amazing.

Change is scary, overwhelming and can be ill timed. We sometimes don’t want to change. We cannot control change or the pace of it, but we can decide to use it, value it and leverage it to be happy, useful and as he says “do something amazing”.

We are all in this together.

He offers us The 10 Steps to New Relevance.

Brilliant, radical and necessary.

No need to be afraid of it. Give yourself over to it and let it lead you to wonderful new places!” Even though it is the end of business as usual, it is the beginning of a new age of opportunity.