What Are Your Intangibles?

”Harness all that you have done and learned to add value to your personal brand”

What colleagues and customers value are well-rounded people who bring many “intangibles” to the job and table.

“Intangible assets are defined as identifiable non-monetary assets that cannot be seen, touched or physically measured, which are created through time and/or effort”. 

– Lumen – Boundless Accounting

Some examples might be cooperative,  good judgement, or dependability. Some categories for you to look at for uncovering yours are planning, organization, intelligence, initiative and leadership.

The person who brings the most diverse abilities, experience and qualities to the game will usually win the job or customer. Be ready and willing to cover the floor, front desk, deliver after hours, or stay late to get the job done! Exceptional is now expected, unexpected is what will get you remembered!

All those odd jobs, low jobs and high profile jobs that you have had,  make up all that you are and the skills you have.  The pizza you delivered, the food you served, babysitting, camp counselor, working for your Dad during the summer, delivering newspapers, you get the idea. Those skills you developed and accrued can translate to many work situations and cross needs. Are you a problem solver, organizer, people person, leader, work well alone, go to person? Look back and think about what you gained and how you benefited from all your jobs and what “intangibles’ they added.

Don’t wait to be asked to step up. Step up, be proactive find the need, see the need and fill it. You will be noticed and remembered you for it and it strengthens your reputation and loyalty! The intangibles are not qualities you can easily show in a resume, but you can talk about them in an interview. So, uncover, celebrate and brag just a little!