Your Story Instead of an Elevator Pitch!

How do you grab someones attention if you only have 30 or 60 seconds or less?

How do you get noticed in social media, email or blogging?

  • Is it a great logo and slogan?
  • It is a great take on a hot subject?
  • Is it something you say that’s clever and funny?

NOT really.

We talk a lot about the  “elevator pitch”: that 30 seconds you have to connect with someone so that they remember you. What can you say that can have that kind of impact, that hasn’t already been heard by someone else many times?

I have created a Profile / BIO, that helps me to introduce myself to people who may have not heard about me, about my work and who I am. It is my professional way of  “getting personal”.

It opens with a  story line:
“I transitioned from a very secure, stable life and career in Southeast Florida and came to a new situation and new adventure in Southwest Florida in August 2006. I launched Train with Shane in February 2007, after an unexpected series of professional events occurred. It was the right time and right decision”

There is a BIG difference between telling people who you are instead of what you do! When you tell your story, it will naturally allow people to relate and find commonality in your experiences. The what you do and sale comes later.

Engage me by sharing your personal story about who you are. If I relate, I will naturally  ask you about what you do.  The relationship and commonality creates the potential for the relationship and sale.  Work on connecting, relating and engaging by being authentic.

I wanted to share this story script with you from Chris Brogan, author of the New York Times Best Seller, Trust Agents. Chris Brogan’s story script. This is a great blueprint for creating your story-line, or script, so that when you meet people, you will have the best chance of being remembered. Relating first, sale or referral  (maybe) comes later.