#trusthewhy book 2014

trustthewhy book project


Fundamentals and Values Get You Through Any Cycle

A Blog to Book Project

I have always thought of myself as a “spiritual entrepreneur” and a spiritual person.

What does that means to me?

“You can’t keep it unless you give it away”. Serving and helping people, being optimistic, authentic and building mutually respectful relationships as the foundation for  thriving in the “connectivity economy and culture” is required more than ever today.

I wanted to re-purpose some of my featured blog content created over the past three years into a book, and also feature some of the smart, authentic blog thought leaders I have met and come to admire along the way.

People ask me why they need to do certain things, especially that they don’t want to do, but still get results. We all have resisted change, but you can’t get the results without the foundation and tools.

My answer to them became the very intriguing idea and thought for this book,  #trusthewhy- Fundamentals and Values Get You Through Any Cycle.

I registered the #trusthewhy hashtag, put it on my blog header and am organizing the book content around this tried and true formula, that no matter what is going on in our business world and personal life, fundamentals and values guide and propel us through our process.

It’s a helpful resource for people doubting their sense of purpose and those needing direction. Every article has it’s own #hashtag and  includes content and personal values that are the foundation for accepting change, sustaining business success and making relevance a priority regardless what’s happening around us.

From willingness, integrity, creativity and social media to LinkedIn, blogging, sales, referrals and kindness, it always goes back to professional  fundamentals and personal values that get us through any business and life cycle.

Here are some the colleagues I featured in my book.

Dan Schawbel-Author, Forbes Columnist, Career Futurist

Tory Johnson-Author, GMA Contributor, Entrepreneur

Anita Campbell-Blogger and Founder Smallbiztrends.com

Melinda Emerson-Author, Huff Post Columnist, SmallBizlady

JT O Donnell-Founder Careerealsim.com, LinkedIn Influencer

Ramon Ray-Technology Evangelist, Founder Smallbiztechnology.com

Joe Pulizzi-Content Evangelist, Founder Content Marketing Institute

Mark Anderson-Andertoon’s Small Business Cartoons

Liz Lynch-Author Smart Networking, Founder of Center For Networking Excellence

Brian Moran-Small Business and Entrepreneur Consultant at SmallBusinessEdge.com

Charlie Caldwell-Internet and Digital Marketing Expert, Founder ISG-Internet Services Group